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PE's scientific name is ejaculatio praecox. The trouble is ejaculation transpires even before sex or shortly after getting started. It has remedied and rescued multiple marriages and relationships. Here is a quick look at some benefits of using priligy:. Don't take more than advised. It's hugely functional after passing considerable lab tests. Reviews reveal this drug may cause certain side effects.

These include nausea, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhoea, mild headaches and dizziness. Continued Priligy use can impact heart functioning. After procuring it from our online pharmacy it's recommended you stick to directions and guidelines. Stop using the drug if its effects are intolerable. We use cookies to enhanced your experience.

By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use cookies. Payment Method. Main Page Generic Priligy. Priligy dapoxetine tablets for sale online 4. Here is a quick look at some benefits of using priligy: It defers orgasm while ensuring you ejaculate after experiencing pleasure. Got It. Returns and refunds - unwanted items can be returned within 14 working days for a full refund.

It is an under-detected and under-treated medical condition. The causes to PE are multiple, although significant physical disease is not likely to be the reason.

Stress and psychological factors are more likely to play a big part. The active ingredient in Priligy is dapoxetine. It works by changing the levels of a chemical in the brain called serotonin.

Increases in serotonin levels, in turn, delay ejaculation. Priligy is similar to some antidepressant medications, but it works more quickly and remains in the body for less time. Some men taking some antidepressants complain they have delayed ejaculation as a side effect. Priligy when taken for premature ejaculation is not an antidepressant, even though it has similarities in the way it works. Priligy tablets are for men 18 to 64 years only. Priligy tablets are not licensed for use in older men.

The starting dose is one 30mg tablet 1 to 3 hours before intercourse. The dose can be increased to one 60mg tablet, as required, providing the 30mg dose has been well tolerated no significant side effects are experienced. Priligy can, in some men, cause a reduction in blood pressure with dizziness and even blackouts. Men who feel light-headed should sit with their head between their knees or lie down until symptoms resolve.

They should take no further tablets without consulting a doctor. Increasing from a 30mg tablet to a 60mg would be inadvisable. Some men with underlying medical conditions should not take Priligy.

These include men with a history of low blood pressure and symptoms caused by falls in blood pressure, such as dizziness and blackouts when standing. Men with heart disease and significant liver or kidney disease should not take Priligy, without first consulting their doctors. Men with Glaucoma and blood clotting problems are also at risk. Dr Fox online consultations check for these contraindications. A number of prescription medications interact with Priligy dapoxetine.

These medications are checked for in consultations. Interacting medication needs to be stopped 14 days before starting Priligy and not re-started for 7 days afterwards.

priligy for sale priligy for sale

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What is Premature ejaculation

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priligy for sale

The most common side effects include sleep problems, loss of strength, light dizziness, stuffy nose, tinnitus, and diarrhea. In addition, the drug may cause minor psychological disorders e. The complete list of side effects is contained in the instructions for the medication. Like many other drugs, it is not recommended that alcohol be consumed while taking Dapoxetine.

Tramadol, Tryptophan, herbal remedies containing St. John's wort and other drugs that affect the activity of serotonin. The combination with these medicines is categorically contraindicated because the risk of irreversible complications is very high. You can't combine Priligy with: Medicines, the metabolism of which is similar to Dapoxetine for example, fluoxetine, ketoconazole, erythromycin and some other antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal agents.

With simultaneous admission the dosage adjustment of Dapoxetine is necessary. Inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 Cialis, Levitra, Teddalis, etc. In case of simultaneous admission with Dapoxetine there is a possibility of an acute reduction in arterial tension if you stand up quickly from a prone or sitting position.

Anticoagulants and other medicines that reduce blood coagulability. With simultaneous admission with Dapoxetine the risk of bleeding increases. Priligy and alcohol Simultaneous use of the medicine with alcohol causes a rather strong drowsiness and slows the reaction. The following symptoms are most often observed: the head starts to spin; headaches; nausea, vomiting, in some cases there was a violation of stools, fainting; there was no erection; drowsiness, fever, high sweating; there was apathy or depression; there was an increase in respiration and heart rhythms.

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Priligy has minor or moderate influence on the ability to drive and use machines. Dizziness, disturbance in attention, syncope, blurred vision and somnolence have been reported in subjects receiving dapoxetine in clinical trials. Therefore, patients should be warned to avoid situations where injury could result, including driving or operating hazardous machinery. Combining alcohol with dapoxetine may increase alcohol related neurocognitive effects and may also enhance neurocardiogenic adverse events such as syncope, thereby increasing the risk of accidental injury; therefore, patients should be advised to avoid alcohol while taking Priligy.

Sometimes PE is a problem for men who have erection problems erectile dysfunction or ED. This is when men are not able to get or keep an erection that's firm enough for sex. Since an erection goes away after ejaculation, it can be difficult to know if the problem is PE or ED. ED should be treated first. Premature ejaculation may not be a problem once the ED is treated. Generic name: Dapoxetine The recommended starting dose for all patients is 30 mg, taken as needed approximately 1 to 3 hours prior to sexual activity.

If the individual response to 30 mg is insufficient and the patient has not experienced moderate or severe adverse reactions or prodromal symptoms suggestive of syncope, the dose may be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 60 mg taken as needed approximately 1 to 3 hours prior to sexual activity. It should be taken with a full glass of water, with or without food. Alcohol should be avoided while using this medication as the effects of alcohol such as feeling dizzy, sleepy and having slow reactions can be increased by taking these two at the same time.

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