In today’s environment, technology is crucial for success as an independent pharmacy. Rock Rx recognizes this and works diligently to vet out the very best technologies for our members. Whether partnering with trusted companies, white labeling software, or creating our own, the Rock Rx staff will continue to find the very best available technologies for our members. In addition to the strategic partners, please review the technologies offered by Rock Rx below:

Complementary Purchasing Software – Rock Rx has secured a partnership with purchasing compliance software. This partnership helps us to further improve our data management and analysis within retail,, LTC, 340B, and health systems.

Complementary Purchasing Software is a web based ordering system that allows you to evaluate and place orders to multiple vendors from one website customized for your pharmacy. It facilitates purchases from your vendors while providing wholesale contract management, cost auditing, and optimal product selection in real-time. The product assists your purchaser to properly manage pharmaceutical orders while ensuring compliance with your primary wholesaler.

340B Pharmacy Software –(This needs Ryan’s input) Rock Rx has partnered with RcTech

340B Covered Entity Software–Rock Rx encourages the 340B covered entities our members contract with to utilize the convenient and functional software, Doc&I. 340B Qualified entities capture only 5% of the potential savings available through the 340B program. This is due to lack of patient awareness, insufficiently trained employees at the qualified entity, and lack of information at the pharmacies that are contracted by the 340B Qualified entity. Doc&I resolves these issues with an effective platform that efficiently increases awareness among patients, staff, and providers. The software helps ensure that patients and covered entities have the information to maximize the 340B program and accomplish what the program is suppose to achieve – stretching scarce government resources as far as possible. This achieves a win-win-win for covered entities, patients, and contract pharmacies.