The Rock Rx management team has over 25 years of experience in 340B contract pharmacy. Our mission is to provide customized and confidential service to patients with chronic illnesses. Our company and pharmacy staff strive to improve the experience and quality of care to your patients. Let’s work together to strengthen your organization and provide the best experience possible to those in need of quality care.

On-Site Pharmacy – We can develop a fully functional pharmacy within the walls of your organization. Our team will work closely with you to develop a convenient and functional pharmacy, providing direct pharmacy services to your patients. A pharmacy presence in your organization ensures patients have easy access to the medications they need to live a functional life. The increased convenience to the patient drastically improves the compliance to the 340B program, improving your profits and ability to maximize patient care – the overall intent of the program.

In-Home Delivery Program – Rock Rx has multiple contract pharmacy locations with coverage in 48 states. If your organization lacks ample space for a pharmacy or simply wants to try out the program, we can provide your patients with all of the Rock Rx services outside of consulting face to face with an on-site pharmacist. Our pharmacists are available via phone and we will work with your staff through technology implementation to maximize 340B program compliance.

Pharmacy Liaison – Rock Rx can provide a pharmacy liaison in your health care facility. Although medications will not be dispensed when the patient leaves their visit, there will be a pharmacy representative there to answer any questions and ensure they get the required medications delivered in a timely fashion. The patient maintains confidentiality in a familiar setting and receives quality pharmacy services.

340B Contract Pharmacy Services

  • Chronic care contract pharmacy
  • National pharmacy network
  • Home delivery
  • Patient case management regarding medicine regimen
  • Tele-pharmacy options
  • 340B patient enrollment and compliance software
  • Customized compliance packaging
  • Purchasing

340B Auditing Service

The following are key areas of focus in our audit process:

  • Review of split-billing systems
  • Review current 340B policies and procedures with a focus on process and accountability
  • Review current 340B registrations to ensure completeness for parent versus child sites
  • Validation of patient, provider, and covered entity eligibility
  • Billing system and chart auditing to validate unmatched dispensed medications
  • Verification of accumulator levels and conversion factor analyses
  • Verification of National Drug Code (NDC) mapping
  • Verification of availability of contracted and employed provider listings
  • 340B and Wholesaler Acquisition Cost (WAC) account structure review
  • Review of inventory distribution processes
  • Validation of eligible employee/patient relationships

In addition to customizing our approach to address each of our client’s unique needs, we create a comprehensive assessment report to identify opportunities for improvement to ensure regulatory compliance and increase profits.