Rock Rx provides contract negotiation services for all pharmacy types. We vet out trusted partners who provide not only significant savings, but also reliable service. We maintain an active role in ensuring this service is met and the pricing remains transparent. Rock Rx will review your current pricing and coordinate with you during the wholesaler pricing negotiation. What should your cost of goods be? What generic percentage should your pharmacy be required to purchase through your primary wholesaler? Let our data process provide you with the information. Let us take care of the bidding process or bring your best offer and let’s collectively determine if it can be improved.

Rock Rx has worked diligently to secure the following contract types for our members:

  • Primary Wholesaler Contracts
  • Generic Distribution Contracts
  • Direct Manufacturer Contracts
  • Bundled Pricing Contracts
  • Preferred contract for Purchasing Compliance Software, the premier software for generic purchasing while ensuring primary wholesaler compliance
  • Private labeled products for direct distribution