Combo Pharmacies

Build a Better Platform for Rapid Growth

Because of their mixed areas of service, combo pharmacies present a great scenario for growing a pharmacy quickly. Through market analysis and data processes specific to your pharmacy, we will help you build a solid business platform and choose the lowest hanging fruit for growth.

Let us:

  • Improve your cost of goods and help manage your generic purchasing
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Develop your business in LTC, 340B, clinical, and more
  • Audit local facilities and provide feedback on the best way to attain their business
  • Vet out facilities looking for a trusted partner in your area
  • Provide sale representatives to market your services
  • Analyze your scripts and produce business with current and new prescribers
  • Help you attain and maximize 340B contracts
  • Provide opportunities we identify within the states you are licensed

Become a Rock Rx Partner Pharmacy