340B Covered Entities

Stretch Your Reach and Grow Your Patient Volume

340B covered entities provide a vital service to our communities by extending scarce government resources to the patients who need them most. But because of misinformation in reference to the 340B program, most covered entities aren’t reaching as many patients as they could… or should.

Do you know how many of your patients eligible for 340B are filling their scripts at one of your contract pharmacies? Do you want to increase patient compliance with the 340B program and maximize the available funds to your health center or hospital?

Rock Rx can help. Let us:

  • Open an on-site or set up an in-state contract pharmacy
  • Delivery of medications
  • Medication Management
  • Provide a pharmacy liaison
  • Implement software to help educate your staff and increase 340B program compliance
  • Grow the patient volume visiting your facility

Become a Rock Rx Partner Pharmacy