Business Solutions

Rock Rx was founded by independent pharmacy owners and understands the struggles and rewards that owning an independent pharmacy can bring, Although containing costs while developing business is the driving force of our company, we do recognize that building business comes at a cost. Some pharmacy owners simply cannot justify the monetary needs to properly build their business. Rock Rx has facilitated the purchase and sale of several independent pharmacies.In addition to having a network of potential buyers and sellers, we are also open to discussing any and all options available to meet a mutually prosperous solution.Rock Rx has partnered with several pharmacy owners, acted as 3rd Party Administrators for 340B contract pharmacies, and acquired pharmacies. Each scenario was unique and required a significant amount of time and planning. There IS a solution – it simply needs to be identified and acted upon.

Please call us if you’d like to discuss any of the following:

  • Becoming a Rock Rx pharmacy
  • Selling a pharmacy
  • Purchasing a pharmacy
  • 3rd party administration for 340B